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 Traditional Thai massage stands apart in the realm of stress relief, offering a unique and effective approach. Rooted in ancient healing practices dating back at least 2,500 years, Thai massage combines gentle pressure and stretching techniques to promote relaxation and mindfulness. No need to disrobe or lie on a massage table; instead, you’ll be comfortably clothed and lying on a mat on the floor while your Good Medicine massage therapist works their magic with a Thai traditional massage.

Research has demonstrated the efficacy of Thai massage in diminishing stress levels and anxiety. Especially, it decreases the concentration of sAA, a stress marker found in saliva. Focusing on the body’s energetic pathways, also known as Sen, Thai massage helps to improve circulation and relieve emotional and physical tension stored in the body. 

The stretching techniques used in Thai massage involve yoga-like positions and manual stretching that not only relieve tension but also help to decrease muscle adhesions and increase range of motion. With its unique approach and proven stress-relieving benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to Good Medicine Thai massage as an alternative to traditional massage and other conservative management techniques.

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